The Forgotten Badnik i

Pringle sneak-attacks Sonic. Art by Richard Elson and Nigel Kitching.

s a complete story starring Sonic the Hedgehog, appearing in Issue 140.



Underground, Sonic and Pringle have discovered that Doctor Robotnik had a secret base right next to the Emerald Hill Zone, from where Badnik raids were often launched. The door is locked, but Sonic acquired a list of access codes when they defeated Robotnik. Trying the first code, the door opens right away and the pair are faced with a giant Badnik, largely resembling the old Trooper Badniks. Pringle reveals that his research shows this Badnik to be a prototype and that the next generation of Troopers would all look like this. As Sonic ponders over this, Pringle whacks Sonic to the floor with his torch, knocking him out. The crazy villain reveals that he plans to use this Badnik to become master of Mobius; he only needed Sonic to get him through the door. Inserting his own set of activation codes, Pringle is overjoyed to see the Trooper come to life. His first order to the Badnik is to destroy Sonic; the Badnik agrees with his original programming and sets to work on killing the hedgehog.

Sonic makes light work of him, smashing him several times and dodging many laser blasts. Pringle is dismayed, until one missed blast hits the ceiling, coming crashing down on Sonic and knocking him out again. With Sonic gone, Pringle will find it much easier to take over the world, so he commands the Badnik to follow him. Unfortunately, the Troper only listens to his master, Doctor Robotnik, and zaps Pringle. Worse still, the Badnik's power is low and he plans to use Pringle as an organic battery. Sonic wakes up as the ceiling starts to cave in. He sees Pringle being swallowed by the weak Trooper and plans to leave him behind, but can't bring himself to do it. Risking his own life, he rescues Pringle and the two escape just as the room is destroyed and the Badnik is history. Outside, Pringle is confused as to why Sonic rescued him when he tried to kill the hero. It's just what Sonic does!


  • This story has been the subject of several butcheries in the Message Zone. One particular one, replacing Pringle's face with that of the Pringles logo, became a popular meme for several more butcheries. Another edit saw Sonic leave Pringle behind, suggesting he died along with the Trooper.


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was Whatever Happened to Grimer?. The next is The Haunted Zone.

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