The Fundamental Four is

The Fundamental Four make their entrance. Art by Nigel Dobbyn and Steve White.

a 2-part Chaotix Crew story, beginning in Issue 80.



The Chaotix Crew are relaxing in their Special Zone base, but it seems that the singing of Charmy Bee is getting on their nerves. After one more slip-up in his "song", Vector the Crocodile kicks Charmy out of the building, leaving the bee to fly off. Inside, a weightlifting Mighty the Armadillo congratulates Vector. Espio the Chameleon agrees, not looking up from his book. Barely any time has passed when a banging noise reaches them. Espio ponders whether Charmy is trying to get back in, but a crack in the wall dispels this theory. Sure enough, the wall splits open and Chaotix are greeted by the Fundamental Four! Gravel wastes no time in punching the floor, sending Chaotix scattering. Squall then rushes in, shaking the heroes about. Flare uses his fire power to intimidate Vector, but Hydran is furious, having a hole nearly burnt into his suit. As the Four argue, Chaotix have a chance to regroup, but it is for nought as the criminals easily overwhelm their targets.

Outside, Charmy is bored, sitting on a floating rock. Deciding that his friends have probably regretted their actions and are missing him, Charmy flies home. However, he is shocked to see a shuttle parked outside his home and, even worse, that the Fundamental Four have imprisoned the rest of Chaotix. Charmy resorts to flying to The Hive, realising he can't do this alone. Inside, Hydran reveals they spent four years in prison because of Chaotix. Before he liquidises them, he wants to know where that stupid bee is...

Meanwhile, Charmy is returning to base with a horde of worker bees that the Queen Bee has let Charmy borrow. One worker reveals that Charmy has been lucky to acquire so much help, since he hasn't visited home for months. Charmy's response is that he's been busy saving the world. Disregarding Charmy's words of caution, the bees burst through the window of Chaotix's base, seconds before the Fundamental Four do the deed. They get to work right away, cutting Hydran in half with scissors, directing the water into Gravel. They then mix the Gravel mixture up and shovel it into Squall. With the three foes mixed together, the workers are targeted by a furious Flare, but Charmy is ready with a petrol can. Flare explodes into a huge fireball and, minutes later, the workers have finished - the Fundamental Four have been turned into a ceramic pot! Chaotix are released, but can't quite believe the nature of the victory.

It doesn't take long in the bees' company for Vector to lose his temper and throw every last one of them out. Before they can enjoy the peace and quiet, Chaotix are interrupted by a talking pot...


  • This was Chaotix's first solo story and the first and last appearance of the Fundamental Four.
  • Charmy's family make their first appearance. Later, they make a more substantial appearance in the Sonic the Hedgehog story The Hive.
  • A speech bubble attributed to Mighty is actually pointing at Vector in the first part.


This is the first Chaotix Crew story. The next is Crimson Cobra Strikes.

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