The Emerald Hill folk begin to escape

The Great Escape! is a 2-part Sonic the Hedgehog story, first appearing in Issue 55 of Sonic the Comic.



The city of Metropolis Zone has a new landmark, Citadel Robotnik, to look upon every day. Inside, Doctor Robotnik is less than pleased. A visit from Generals Rust and Bucket tells him that every last one of the Emerald Hill folk has been evacuated from the Emerald Hill Zone, meaning that none of them can be enslaved. Furious that Sonic the Hedgehog has taken them away under his Troopers' noses, Robotnik picks up a vase and smashes his generals to pieces, ordering Receptionik to arrange some extra-large bin bags. On the outskirts of the Zone, Bob Beaky's Travelling Circus has arrived to perform a special gig for Robotnik himself. Porker Lewis panics when their name isn't on the list, but Bob Beaky gets out to perform a magic trick. Within seconds, Sonic has jumped out of the clothing and makes short work of the Troopers on guard. The rest of the Freedom Fighters look down on a Badnik Processing Plant, currently home to 35 of the Emerald Hill folk. Not for much longer...

Inside, Billy, one of the Hill folk, panics about being turned into a Badnik and breaks free of a queue. The lizard prison master brandishes his whip and captures Billy before he can make it to a flight of stairs. The dog is about to be punished when the intruder alarm sounds. Instantly, the guard recognises five Badniks as being out of place and orders them to stay where they are. Rumbled, the Freedom Fighters burst out of their Badnik disguises. The heroes get to work, with Amy Rose managing to take out three Troopers with one arrow. While she, Sonic and Johnny Lightfoot fight, Porker and Tails take a package into a broom cupboard. Sonic personally greets the guard, tying him up in his own whip before leading the Hill folk to the broom cupboard. As all 35 somehow manage to fit into the tiny room, the guard kicks the door down to find none of them there. In fact, only Sonic is waiting for him, armed with a Star Post. The Emerald Hill folk have been taken to a place of Sonic's choice, but Sonic still has to get the Post out of there. The guard attacks again but Sonic grabs the whip once more and makes a spinning top out of his foe. With Troopers advancing towards him, Sonic packs the Star Post away and flies out of a window on the Post's flying case.

Up on the Floating Island, the Emerald Hill folk prepare to make the last bit of the journey to the Mushroom Hill Zone while Tails wonders if Sonic made it out OK. He did and he won't rest until every one of the Emerald Hill folk are freed. In Citadel Robotnik, Mobius' tyrant isn't happy about these events but will eventually get his revenge.


  • The title is taken from the classic film, The Great Escape.
  • This story is the last of three that have all had exclamation marks at the end of their titles. This practice would return with Andy Diggle as editor.
  • Timothy Marx makes his only contribution, colouring both parts.
  • Robotnik destroys his Troopers with a vase. The tyrant is a strict supporter of pollution and dead against greenery, so probably shouldn't have flowers in his office.
  • The Badnik Processing Plant is part of a facility that also produces Mega Mack, a chemical designed to kill Sonic.
  • When Tails takes off his disguise, it cannot be seen in the next panel, despite being in full costume previously.
  • Crawl and Slicer Badniks make their first appearance in a strip as shells taken over by the Freedom Fighters. Coconuts and Burrobot also return.
  • Sonic and the gang discard their disguises after being discovered, even though it isn't explicitly stated they've been ousted.
  • The lizard guard is never named. He has particularly bad breath, something which is emphasised on the front cover.
  • When the lizard is being tied up for the second time, he nonsensically utters "What?.. N..No, you wouldn't!" When Sonic reveals he is about to become a spinning top, the lizard says "Not again," suggesting it's been done before. Actually, these two lines have been mixed up, particularly since Sonic says "Sure I would!" to his last comment.


This story was reprinted in Issue 176 and Issue 177.


The previous Sonic the Comic story was Beware Predicto!. The next is The Rampage of Mekanik.

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