Art by Nigel Dobbyn.

The Groovy Train is a coffee house in the Metropolis Zone, owned and run by Ebony. Here, Ebony makes her living vending coffee and offering a cozy, friendly retreat for the hard-done-by residents of the Neighbourhood. The establishment frequently comes alive with the sound of jazz and dancing.

When the powerless, amnesiac Super Sonic arrived looking for employment, the lounge was unfortunately torn apart by Bio-Hazard, who had been sent by Lord Sidewinder to capture Super Sonic and bring him back to the Special Zone. Luckily, Bio-Hazard's mission failed and Super Sonic - after regaining his memories - was allowed to take shelter in the Groovy Train and was offered a job, starting with cleaning up the mess Bio-Hazard had made of the place.

Much later, Pyjamas repeatedly burning her toast was a signal for Ebony to go and try and rescue Super Sonic.

Jack Kerow-Hack has been known to give spontaneous poetry readings at The Groovy Train. Pyjamas is also a frequent customer, keeping Ebony company. Over time, the sounds of bad saxophone playing have continued to be played by some of the other guests.



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