The Headless Snowmen is a Decap Attack complete story, appearing in Issue 69.



Today's Transylvanian Times reports that, for the fifth time this week, a snowman's head has been brutally removed and stolen. Police are baffled by the mystery. Elsewhere, the film career of Head has failed and he has turned to a drunk. Sure enough, in Castle Frank N. Stein, Head is drowning his sorrows. The doorbell rings and Igor reluctantly goes to answer it, but is horrified when he finds out who's there. As Igor shows the monster inside, Head demands that Professor Frank N. Stein go and get some more stuff from the green bottles, Fran ultimately discovering where the creosote has been going.

Igor reveals that the man at the door was Chuck D. Head! The castle's old creation has returned with a new head, one that looks suspiciously like a snowman's head. Frank attempts to talk to the new head but Chuck covers it up by saying he's a bit shy. Igor, having caught on already, offers Chuck a place by the fire but he refuses, saying the head doesn't like getting too warm. He then asks if Chuck's heard about the "nutter" going around stealing snowman heads. Before he can answer, the head's carrot-nose pops off. The Prof runs in and says he's a doctor and will fix things but Igor says they need someone more like a greengrocer. Sure enough, the head melts completely and Chuck admits it's not a real head. He only put the head there to impress his old housemates. Chuck's career hasn't being going too well since Head left him, his low point being an appearance on Noel's House Party. The reason he's here is to convince Head to join with him again. Head seems initially keen, remembering the days he was thrown around. Chuck asks for a final answer - the response being Chuck turfed out of the castle. Miserable once more, Chuck goes on his way.


  • Head is seen to grow hair and feel the properties of alcohol.


The previous Decap Attack story is Monster of the Year. The next is Nanny Knows Best.

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