Not to be confused with the story of the same name

The Hive is a location in the Special Zone, home to (presumably) all the universe's bee population. A roughly symmetrical structure floating in the "weird bit" of the Zone, The Hive is the only known place that can create gold, rather than simply mining it. The refuge is ruled by the Queen Bee, one of her sons being Charmy Bee.

The wasp army, led by Vesper, have attacked The Hive on at least two occasions. Previously, the armed bee guards fought off the invasion and kept their home secure. However, the final defense of the building saw the wasps break in easily, Vesper even making it to the throne room. Fortunately, Charmy had been summoned back to The Hive and had brought Sonic the Hedgehog along, who proceeded to forcibly eject the nuisances from the Hive.

Sonic the Comic Online

The Hive has never been seen in Sonic the Comic Online. However, with the destruction of the Special Zone by The Syndicate, the Hive was destroyed, along with all its inhabitants.


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