The "House" on Verdant Hill

The House on the Hill is a Sonic the Hedgehog complete story, appearing in Issue 126.



Tails has brought Sonic to the Verdant Hill area of the Emerald Hill Zone, where a mysterious house has appeared overnight. Sonic is keen to investigate, but Tails isn't so eager - he appears to think it may be haunted, filled with "ghosts and ghoulies". The pair enter a house seemingly decorated in the gothic period, when the door slams behind them. Tails is terrified, but Sonic guesses that they might be in another of Doctor Robotnik's death traps. From the corner of his eye, Tails thinks he sees a ghost but Sonic is disbelieving. He is, however, until a group of ghosts appear in front of them. Sonic leaps into action, launching a Spin Attack at one of them. The attack is unsuccesful and the hedgehog warns Tails not to tell him the obvious about why it didn't work. As Sonic prepares for a retaliation, Tails wonders if they're trying to talk to the heroes. The ghosts dash off and Sonic and Tails follow them. Oddly, the room begins to distort, as if they're in another dimension.

Comprehension dawns on Tails once things turn back to normal. Some pipes aren't working properly, so Tails hits one with a spanner and the "ghosts" become solid. Sonic gets ready to fight but the people explain that they had merely got stuck between dimensions. They had tried to ask Sonic and Tails for help but their voices had been too distorted. As the aliens squabble over who gets to handle the controls to the house next, Sonic and Tails get out quickly, hoping they never return to this dimension.


  • When Tails mentions that there is a problem with the pipes, Sonic comments that they're "not plumbers", an obvious dig at Sonic's rival, Mario.
  • The aliens state they bought the house from Honest Lew's Budget Dimension Travel, probably a reference to fellow writer Lew Stringer.
  • The aliens also seem to have flies buzzing around them. Perhaps unrelated, the aliens have brown faces and are shaped somewhat like a poo.


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was Order & Chaos. The next is Robotnik Reigns Supreme.

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