The Hungry Guest i

Everyone's in the spirit of the occassion... except Igor, that is. Art by Nigel Kitching.

s a Decap Attack complete story appearing in Issue 94 of Sonic the Comic.



It's New Year's Eve at Castle Frank N. Stein and its inhabitants are hosting a fancy-dress party. As midnight draws near, a guest finally appears at the door. Professor Frank N. Stein and Chuck D. Head are excited by the prospect of the guests on the other side of the door, but a negative Igor opens the door to reveal Billy No-Friends, a small, ginger boy with no costume. Nevertheless, the boy has brought a present to the party; he's brought a box containing cake, yet when Frank opens the present, there's nothing there! It seems that Billy got hungry on the way and ate the cake, yet he still wants more. The Prof offers Billy a tray of mince pie, a gift which he gobbles up heartily, not stopping until half of Frank's arm is gone as well. Frank explains that this is a costume party and he has come as his idol, Mr Cuddle Bunny (although it looks very little like him). Chuck is next, showing Billy that he has come as "Apollo 11". He then shows him their "moon landing", grabbing Head and throwing him out of the window.

As the night goes on, Billy helps himself to the buffet as Frank encourages Igor to put on his woodland creature outfit. Igor is disgusted, but the exchange is interrupted by a frantically-hungry Billy. Since he's eaten everything, Billy comes chomping at Frank, eating him whole (save for one foot)! Sorry for what he did, he spits out a near-naked Frank, who is livid. Throwing the unwanted guest out, he proclaims that the castle will never have a New Year's costume party again.

Outside, Igor thanks Billy for ending the party so he didn't have to wear the cute costume. Billy accepts his "Uncle Igor's" phrase and also accepts a £10 note to go and get a pizza. As the bell chimes for midnight, Head hops back into the castle, hoping to get a few vol-au-vents (although there's not much chance in that).


  • This family member is the only glimpse we get of Igor's life outside of the castle. However, it is unknown whether or not Igor is actually Billy's uncle, being a bit green.


The previous Decap Attack story is The Legend of Mr Cuddle Bunny. The next is Dead!.

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