Tails is summoned home for the first time.

Not to be confused with Nameless Zone, the actual location

The Nameless Zone is a 2-part Tails story set in the Nameless Zone, the first story to do so, beginning in Issue 16.



One day in the Emerald Hill Zone, Tails is having trouble keeping up with the speedy Sonic the Hedgehog. Sick of his tagging along, Sonic tells Tails to stay out of his way, leaving a dejected Tails wishing he could help. As Tails sulks, a green portal appears behind him, a voice calling for his help. Tails is terrified, realising that it is a gateway back to the Nameless Zone. Walking through the portal, Tails is greeted by the two Enchanter Kings who know of Tails' great deeds on Mobius. They have seen Tails' letters to his family recounting tales of his brave deeds, accompanied by his "assistant", Sonic! Tails tries to retract what he said but the Kings aren't interested, leading him to a newly crafted battle-armour that "weighs no more than a feather". Tails continues to plead with his masters as the armour is put on him, but explanations can be saved for the victory feast.

Outside, the evil Trogg is waiting on the Dimension Bridge. If he should defeat the Nameless Zone's warriors, he will be able to bring an invading army from the Land Beyond. Trogg is immensely confident at the sight of Tails and yells for the fox to take the first move. The nervous Tails misses and hits the rope bridge, leaving Trogg to kick the child away. Trogg lowers his blade for the final blow but the rope that Tails accidentally struck frays away and the bridge collapses. The two warriors fall towards the abyss but Trogg grabs the dangling rope, gaining victory. Unfortunately for him, Tails can fly and, with sword in hand, forces Trogg to surrender. The magic armour gives Tails to the ability to speedily fly back to a cheering crowd. With his job done, Tails returns home to find Sonic waiting. Unable to confess what he's been upto, the fox lies that he's been doing "nothing at all".


  • There is no mention of the void that lies beneath the Dimension Bridge, one that'll wipe aybody from existence if they fall in.
  • The bridge has been repaired by next issue.
  • Trogg distinctly changes his appearance by his last story.
  • The next time Trogg visits the Nameless Zone, he does not need to fight the champion. However, on that occasion he did not wish to bring a "berzerker army".
  • This strip is Dave Windett's first piece for STC. It is also the first Nameless Zone story.


This is the first ever Tails solo story. The next is The Land Beyond.

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