Sonic enjoys a miserable Christmas Eve

The Night Before Christmas is a complete Sonic the Hedgehog story which appeared in Sonic the Poster Mag 2007.


Writer: Ed Reynolds
Art: Jin Chan Yum Wai
Letters: Mike Corker


On Christmas Eve, Sonic and the Freedom Fighters are supposed to getting together for a Christmas meal at Big the Cat's new restaurant, Buddy's Bistro. Unfortunately, only Sonic's turned up and Big has only just remembered that he got a few calls for Sonic, and he isn't very good at taking messages. Or writing for that matter. Not to mention the fact that Big's customers are quickly leaving owing to Sonic's presence. Suddenly, a violent earthquake shakes the restaurant, leading a remaining customer to believe that 'that crazy hedgehog' Sonic's attacking again, despite the fact that the blue blur's been there the whole time. A quick investigation reveals Chaotix to be the culprits of the earthquake. In their experiments to bring back the Special Zone, they're trying to replicate the time and space manipulation techinques used by Father Christmas, but to no success. Espio the Chameleon and Mighty the Armadillo try to get Sonic involved, but he leaves, citing that he's not interested in getting rich when they market their method.

Upon returning to Buddy's Bistro, Sonic finds Amy talking to a butterfly girl named Chrysalis, who wants to help change Sonic's media image with a new look, which Sonic is shocked and appalled at. Sonic leaves again out of sheer frustration when Amy starts playing the 'girlfriend' card again. Later on, he's managed to track down Tails, who is working with Officer Bodger in supervising a peaceful DRAT protest. Sonic's all for taking them all in a fight, but Tails talks him out of it, stating that Mobius is a free planet and that just because someone's opinion is weird, they can't be stopped from expressing it. Defeated, Sonic returns to the Control Centre, where not even Kintobor can keep him company for a while, owing to the Christmas software patch Porker's given him. Sonic gives the Floating Island a call, learning that Porker is staying on the Floating Island for the festivities, and they haven't invited him because they thought he'd be bored. Knuckles slings a playful taunt Sonic's way, and the blue blur's just about ready to go up to the island and have his usual Christmas brawl with the echidna, until the call is cut short thanks to Tikal getting the karaoke machine working. Alone again, Sonic is reduced to channel hopping, but finding nothing worth watching and reminders of how far he's fallen. Eventually he dozes off, alone in his messy room. But the night ends on something on an optimistic note for the sleeping Sonic, as he's visited by Father Christmas, who straightens the room out and leaves a card and present for him.


  • The story features a speaking cameo from a member of Sonic Rush Adventure's Coconut Crew, possibly either Daikun or Tabby.
  • One of Sonic's comics left out in his messy room is Spider-Pig, a very obvious reference to The Simpsons Movie.
  • Chrysalis attempts to give Sonic a new image, something Sneaky and Snooty attempted to do in New Image.


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was The Fandom Menace. The next story was Ultimatum.

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