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The Official Sonic the Hedgehog Yearbooks are not directly related to Sonic the Comic, beginning printing before the original 1993 publication of the fortnightly comic and owned by a different company, Grandreams Ltd. However, they are notabale for including the earliest Sonic the Hedgehog-themed comic work made available in the U.K., and including a detailed account of the "Kintobor origin" of Doctor Robotnik (also used in the STC backstory) as a text story. They also feature seminal contributions (albeit uncredited) from key STC artists Richard Elson and Jon Haward, and the scriptwriter Alan McKenzie.

There were two volumes of Yearbooks published, released in "1991/2" and "1992/3" respectively. The first year in each date represents the date of copyright registration; the latter the actual year of publication.

1991/2 Yearbook



Clean version of the cover image used for the 1991/2 Yearbook

Sonic Comics

Other Comics


  • The Sonic Interview - a text story relating Sonic's origins.
  • Sonic Stars - promotional photo feature where a Sonic suit posed with singer Ben Volipeliere-Pierrot, football players Lee Chapman and Gary Lineker, and contemporary England football manager Graham Taylor.
  • Guess Who - promotional photo feature where various contemporary celebrities posed with Sega merchandise.
  • Sega Reviews
    • Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Megadrive)
    • Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective (Mega-CD)
    • Wolfchild (Mega-CD)
    • Jaguar XJ220 (Megadrive)
    • The Flintstones (Megadrive)
  • Sega News - features on the Sega Arcade Stick, the Sonic-themed hot-air balloon, the introduction of the Megadrive II, and the release of Streetfighter II: Champion Edition

1992/3 Yearbook



Cover of the 1992/3 Yearbook, with title

Sonic Comics

Other Comics

  • None.


Fleetway-Grandreams Co-Operation?

The relationship of the contents of the yearbooks to STC continuity is unclear. The Sonic stories are all entirely standalone oneshots and do not reference any other details. However, the theme of The Dark Circle, Joe Musashi's search for Naoko and his quest against the Neo Zeed, was picked up again in STC and The Fear Pavilion.

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