The Pumpkin Chaser i

Truly a terrifying sight. Art by Nigel Kitching.

s a Decap Attack complete story appearing in Issue 89 of Sonic the Comic.



Kevin of the Transylvanian Pest Controllers to investigate a nasty outbreak of Pumpelkins at Castle Frank N. Stein. He reveals that the pumpkins have revolted and burrowed their way deep into the castle. Professor Frank N. Stein wonders if this is usual, but Kevin says all sorts of things like this happen at Hallowe'en. Frank agrees, recounting the time he saw a cow with two heads, eight legs, two bodies and two tails, although Igor realises Frank actually saw two cows. As Kevin leads them to the attic where the pumpkins probably are, Head has his doubts, but Chuck D. Head puts his mind at ease as they all break out into the T.P.C.'s theme song, much to Igor's chagrin.

Kevin enters the attic but is shocked by what he finds. Frank reveals that the pumpelkins have been going missing for the last ten Hallowe'ens and Kevin seems to found them all, waiting for him in the attic. As the pest controller shines his torch their way, the pumpkins escape, causing havoc in the castle. Chuck's answer is throw Head at the pumpkins, splatting them. When all seems to be lost, Kevin returns with a huge net. He quickly captures them and stuffs them in his van, driving off as the pumpkins dejectedly await the 'pie factory'. Frank and Igor state they'll scream if they ever see another pumpkin, promptly doing so as they see the vegetable perched on top of Chuck. It seems that Head is also in the van, making his way to the pie factory...


  • In the first panel, Kevin's nametag incorrectly says he's from the "T.C.P.".


The previous Decap Attack story was The Bride of Chuck D. Head. The next is Boris & the Book.

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