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This article or section contains information about a character, place or storyline appearing in Sonic The Comic Online! exclusivley.
The Regent
is a character exclusive to Sonic the Comic Online. The most important man in the frontier town of Solstice, the town's regent is extremely greedy and owns almost all of the area's gold, yet wants much more. He lies in his expansive ranch, commanding respect from all of his citizens, even the sheriff.

In the story Sunrise, Shorty the Squirrel was invited by the Regent's men to attend a party of his, where the Regent planned to ask Shorty to work for him. Shorty went, hoping to use the Regent to get himself and Tekno the Canary back home. The Regent had other plans; he had entered Shorty into a battle. If the squirrel won, Tekno would released from her newly-captive state and the Regent would receive the challenger's gold. When Shorty lost the fight to Slave One, the Regent ordered his henchmen to fight the slave. Slave One easily won, but gave the Regent a pouch of gold as he left. Furious, the Regent prepared to send more men to chase the slave, only to change his mind when he saw how much money was in the bag.

The Regent speaks in broken English and appears to be fat and lazy, giving him an air of stupidity, but he knows about Shorty's plans long before he visits the Regent. He also knows about Tekno's "advanced" cave-writing and orders his men to capture her. Indeed, he calls himself a "clever Regent."


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