Silver Patter

Silver clashes with Brains & Brawn, who aren't amused by his catchphrase. Art by Reggie "Ziggyfin" Graham.

The Strange Case of Silver the Hedgehog is a two-part Silver the Hedgehog story beginning in Issue 269 of Sonic the Comic Online.


Story: Seumidh MacDonald

Art and Letters: Reggie "Ziggyfin" Graham


In the Blue Coast Zone, supervillain duo Brains & Brawn put Brains' plot into effect. He has Brawn dump the contents of three seperate drums of liquid into the water. Individually, the liquids are harmless and disperse into nothingness. When bonded, however, they make anyone who drinks them become feeble-minded and weak-willed, obedient of any order given to them!

Unluckily for the criminals, however, they are interruped by Silver the Hedgehog. Silver has decided in the wake of Unleashed to become a superhero, though his attempts at a catchphrase aren't especially catchy or intimidating to the villains. Silver attempts to despatch them using his telekinesis but finds his abilities disappear! The baddies flee as Silver, confused, asks A.G. what's happening. Silver gets no response- A.G. has disappeared. Silver then notices something even worse...

The following day, Silver sits by the shore of Never Lake. He hoped to have found the Miracle Planet in the skies above the planet but has arrived three days too soon. Tails arrives, having been searching for Silver. Silver is happy to see his childhood hero as he needs confirmation of what happened when Tails fought the Metallix on the Miracle Planet years ago. Tails gently reminds Silver that the stories he grew up reading were skewed versions of events that whitewashed Sonic's role and that it was, in fact, Sonic who had fought the Metallix. Nevertheless, Tails recalls from Sonic's version of events (as seen in The Sonic Terminator) that, upon altering history, Metallix disappeared like it had never existed. Silver realises this means his future will now never come to pass, sadly realising his home is gone.

Tails helps Silver feel better by telling him everyone he knew can now lead full, happy lives free of fear (once they're born in the future, that is). In the meantime, Tails extends to Silver both his hand and the invitation of membership within the Freedom Fighters. Though Silver is honoured, he can accept neither- his hand is fading out of existence and he suspects the rest of him will soon follow!

Vector brings his portable laboratory and runs some tests. He confirms that Silver's actions have made him a living paradox and states that unless some way of helping the hedgehog can be discovered, Silver will continue to disappear and will be erased from history- in effect, Silver will have never existed at all. Vector tells Silver that the only thing that can save him is a Time Stone. To this end, Vector has enlisted the help of Femni-Viewer- the plan is to have Silver take a momentary time trip with Femni to arrive on the Miracle Planet three days in the future. The only problem is Femni can't see Silver.

Because Silver is a paradox, he cannot be seen by Femni because she is more attuned to the timestream than others. Silver loses heart but tries to put on a brave face, remembering Tails' words from before about how he will be reborn in the future and live a happy life where he doesn't need to fight to survive every day. At that moment, there is a blinding flash of light- the Miracle Planet has arrived above Never Lake!

The heroes are confused but Tails and Silver realise this is their chance- they rush up towards the Miracle Planet to procure a Time Stone and force Silver back into existence! Vector comments that the duo will only have a few hours before Silver fades away forever, but Femni reassures him that they will succeed- she can see Silver now. Vector ponders the events, saying he feels it's as though the Miracle Planet arrived early just to help Silver. He concludes such an idea is ridiculous. Femni agrees with a cheeky wink but, given her knowledge of time travel, seems to know more than she's letting on, preferring to keep Vector puzzled rather than spoil the moment.

That evening in the Metropolis Zone, Brains and Brawn try to carry out Brains' plan once more, with a more potent and deadly mind control fomula than before! Brains comments that the task will be much easier without Silver's interference. Unluckily for them, Silver takes this moment to arrive, now back to full strength and more than capable of defeating the two crooks! Silver tells the hoodlums they're out of luck- he's here to stay!


Marty Hand

Marty McFly's hand disappears, providing the inspiration for the final panel of Part 1.

Silver's hand disappearing is a homage to the classic 1985 film Back to the Future. In that film, protagonist Marty McFly travels back in time and inadvertently alters history so that his parents never fell in love- in doing so, he erases himself from the timestream, culminating in him physically disappearing, beginning with his hand. Naturally, the climax of the film sees Marty restore his parents' love in the nick of time and, thus, himself. Silver's face in the final panel of Part 1 mimics McFly's reaction to his hand fading out of existence.


The previous Silver the Hedgehog story was Last Hero Standing but Silver has had many appearances between that story and this, most recently in Unleashed. This is the current Silver story.

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