The Tomb is a 2-part Sonic the Hedgehog story beginning in Issue 89 of Sonic the Comic.



Still trapped in the Special Zone, Sonic the Hedgehog has finally managed to get in touch with Mobius, namely with the Freedom Fighters. The heroes have no idea what happened to Sonic after the events of Running Wild and Tails and Amy Rose are notably worried about him. Sonic explains that he "sort of" defeated Super Sonic, but only managed to trap him in the Omni-Viewer. Since time has only slowed down for them, Sonic says he'll stay in the Special Zone until the danger is over. He's then interrupted by Espio the Chameleon, so Sonic abruptly ends the link with his friends. Shocked, they realise they'll have to survive without Sonic for a bit longer.

The Chaotix Crew set off from their base, Charmy Bee unstandably uneasy about the presence of Super Sonic. Espio has the diagrams of the Black Asteroid on screen and is ready to show the others. The plan is to take Super to what was once the biggest gemstone mine on "Mobius", but is now abandoned. There's only one tunnel in and Mighty the Armadillo reveals that they plan to detonate a bomb, causing the tunnel to cave in and trapping Super and Omni in there. As they talk, there is a slight tremor, and it's Nack the Weasel who has landed his ship on Chaotix's. Inside, Vector the Crocodile steers the ship towards the Black Asteroid, steadily, so that they don't crash into the tunnel's side and end up there forever. Nack wants them all to be trapped there; Lord Sidewinder has paid him handsomely to steal Super Sonic. Tired of waiting, Nack grows to full size. Sonic, Mighty and Espio sets upon him, but Nack unleashes a shrinking cartridge on them all, making them tiny. Vector panics, realising that nobody can now pilot the ship. The vessel smashes into a wall and Nack takes the opportunity to capture the stunned Chaotix in a small globe. However, Sonic has escaped.

Nack decides not to worry, with Sonic being useless at that size. Nack knows that it's better for him to be frozen in time (perhaps not knowing he's not actually frozen). Sonic is determined to stop the weasel, so launches a tiny Spin Attack at Nack's face. He hits him full-on, but it's only an irritation at that size. Sonic puts everything into the next one, knocking Nack's hat off. On the ground, Sonic uses a shrinking cartridge on Nack to make it a fair fight. However, Nack continues to shrink - Sonic subjected him to the shrinking ray for too long. Nack tries to tell Sonic to use the green cartrige, but he's gotten so small that the hedgehog can't hear him. Nack soon shrinks to nothing.

Later, Chaotix are returned to full size (thanks to Vector, not trusting Sonic to do it). They carry on with their mission, with the ship not too damaged and respect Omni for all that he's done. As they leave, they hope Omni knows what's going on and gets to teleport out of there if he gets the chance. The bomb explodes, hopefully trapping Super in there forever.


  • Espio states that the Black Asteroid was from Mobius. Although this is possible, it's also unlikely.
  • Nack's shrinking powers are demonstrated for the first time in the comic, although they have been eluded to several times. Nack's first appearance in Total Chaotix shows him with a disruptor gun, which is initially small before he powers it up. In The Ultimate Nightmare, Lord Sidewinder mentions that it was Nack's shrinking technology that got them into Chaotix's base. The capsules first appeared in Traitor of the Lost Pyramid, a Knuckles Knock-Out Special story.


This story was reprinted from Issue 210 to Issue 211.


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