The Tooth is a Decap Attack complete story appearing in Issue 110 of Sonic the Comic.



Early one morning, Castle Frank N. Stein is paid a visit by district dentist Nerys H. Aboristwith. An unwitting Chuck D. Head is forced into a chair before he has a chance to introduce himself and the dentist is quickly attacking him with a pair of pliers. Chuck continues to plead but is thrown across the room as the tooth disloges itself, complete with gleaming roots. Nerys' next task is to prepare the filling, which she does with a massive pneumatic drill and a bag of cement. As Nerys sticks Chuck's mouth together, the dentist takes time to warn Boomers that not all dentists are this psychotic, before finishing off the job. The disturbance wakes Professor Frank N. Stein who demands to know what all the noise is about. Frank reveals himself, Nerys thinking she was at "old Lord Wobblebury's place". The professor directs her to the castle in the next valley, leaving Chuck completely dumbfounded. As the dentist leaves, Head wakes up, complaining of an awful toothache.


  • Nerys pulled out a tooth without even knowing which was the tooth that was hurting.
  • This story was one of the rare ones not to feature Igor at all.


The previous Decap Attack story was Dreaded Poople Plague. The next is The Maltese Budgies.

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