Ebony finds herself unfairly judged. Art by Adamis, Matt Dittmer and Claire Ryan.

The Trial of Ebony the Cat is a complete Sonic the Hedgehog story featuring in Issue 270 of Sonic the Comic Online. Although only one part, the story is continued in The Ending of Things! and The Burning of Things.


Story and Letters: Michael Corker

Art: Adamis, Matt Dittmer and Claire Ryan


Following the events of Unleashed, Sonic finds himself lost on another world- Tails' plan is revealed to have involved hurling Super Sonic through a portal. Sonic, however has no idea where he is, but he knows he must be on another planet as the star systems in the night sky are unfamiliar. As Sonic contemplates trying to enjoy the peace and quiet, he finds himself sucked through a magical wormhole! Landing in a courtroom, Sonic is told by the leader of the Order of Magick that he is to stand as expert witness in the trial of Ebony!

Despite protestations from both Sonic and Ebony, the trial commences. For her crimes against the Order, Ebony faces the sentence of Full Extraction. Sonic learns that this means Ebony will be stripped of her powers- a process that usually proves fatal. Meanwhile, still in her cell after the events of The Order of Things, Blaze feels her power returning to her, as well as a mysterious force which she calls "the flame". Deciding she has had enough of being cooped up, Blaze blasts her cell door off its hinges with a huge magical explosion and begins to make her escape.

Ebony's trial continues but Sonic's testimony does little to help her as Sonic realises he doesn't know Ebony very well at all. Sonic's hatred of his Super alter ego only serves to fuel the leader of the Order's narrative that Ebony is a dangerous magical anarchist. Ebony protests that she knew the kinder, pacifistic side of Super Sonic but the Order's leader exclaims that recent events that almost brought about the destruction of Mobius at Super Sonic's hands were made possible due to Ebony's interference.

Blaze finds the flashes of "the flame" more prevalent, with one manifesting as an actual wall of fire. Realising this means she is getting close to whatever the cause is, she pushes on, easily dispatching the few guards posted around the facility. Meanwhile, Ebony's trial concludes- despite Sonic's dissatisfaction at how little his expertise was called upon and the apparent bias of the court. Nevertheless, the jury finds Ebony guilty by a majority of six-to-one. To her utter dismay, Ebony is told to prepare for Full Magickal Extraction. Meanwhile, Blaze finds what has been beckoning her since her arrival- and it appears to be an enormous magical portal.



The previous Sonic story was Heroes or Villains. Sonic was last seen in Unleashed and Blaze was last seen in The Order of Things. The next Sonic story is The Ending of Things!.