Art by Casanovas

The Unbeatable Foe is a Sonic the Hedgehog complete story appearing in Issue 32 of Sonic the Comic.



One day in the Emerald Hill Zone, Sally Acorn, Johnny Lightfoot, Porker Lewis and Tux encounter a stranger to their Zone, floating above the grass. When asked for his name, the stranger merely calls himself The Mysterious Traveller. Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails arrive, allowing the stranger to present the hedgehog with a gift - a monitor, where stepping on it provides the person with "mega-coolness beyond belief". Sonic refuses, stating he is cool enough and guesses that this "traveller" is just someone sent by Doctor Robotnik to trick him. Tails, however, realises that if he becomes cool, he can help Sonic more often, so jumps onto the monitor. Sonic reacts too late and Tails is sucked through the monitor into the Misery Zone. In the fox's place comes the "deadliest monster" from the Misery Zone.

The traveller reveals that Robotnik built the Inter-Zone Exchanger to free the monster to destroy the Emerald Hill Zone. Tails is now in the Misery Zone, evading dangerous creatures with no means of escape. Back home, the monster continue to burn down the greenery, resisting Sonic's attacks. Finally enraged, Sonic speeds forwads and launches a Spin Attack, knocking the monster to the ground. Sally cheers, until the monster gets up unscathed. As Sonic avoids more attacks, he works out that Robotnik wanted Sonic out of the Zone because he was the only one smart enough to figure out how to stop the creature. Sure enough, Sonic picks up the monitor and throws it at the unbeatable foe. The traveller orders the monster to unleash his Apocalypse Blast to destroy the Zone, but Sonic is too quick, sending the monster home. Just in time, it would seem, as it unleashes its ultimate move in the Misery Zone, condemning his home to oblivion.

Tails is returned to his rightful home (although that wasn't Sonic's real intention) and the traveller is returned to Robotnik to face his fury.


  • The Misery Zone is destroyed in this story, jokingly renamed the "Missing Zone". However, it would later return in Sonic's World story Brute Force as the home of Commander Brutus. This story is referenced, saying that there used to be deadly monsters here.
  • It is also claimed that nothing can enter or leave the Misery Zone, but Brutus manages to do so in the aforementioned story.
  • There is no indication of how the Inter-Zone Exchanger works or how "the deadliest monster" was located.
  • Sonic claims he is the only one smart enough to solve the problem, but genius Porker Lewis is right behind him.
  • This story is the last to see Sally as a regular citizen, becoming a news reporter in next issue's Enter Knuckles.


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story is The Pretender. The next is Enter Knuckles.

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