Sonic is reunited with Turbo in Necropolis

The Universe Game is a complete story, in Issue 251 of Sonic the Comic Online, starring Sonic the Hedgehog.



Whilst running through a forest, bored, Sonic is suddenly summoned to what seems like another world by Lumina Flowlight. She explains that The Void is a dangerous criminal and Sonic has been selected to stop her from 'winning' the Precioustone, a mirror of their reality. When Sonic realises Void getting her hands on the gem would be bad news for everyone, Sonic is teleported to the battlefield to fight The Void. When he is easily defeated, The Void summons her champion to fight for her - Turbo! Turbo reveals he isn't being controlled by The Void and starts to attack Sonic. Sonic attempts to get Turbo's help to fight back against The Void but Turbo knocks Sonic out cold. Turbo demands a rematch but is imprisoned along with Sonic for his impudence.

When the pair wake up, Turbo reveals he is only here because he misses the thrills of the Space Race. Breaking out of their prison, Sonic and Turbo cut in to the battle between Lumina's and Void's cronies on the Ossagras Asteroid Belt. As Lumina prepares to sacrifice an entire galaxy to hold off The Void, Sonic and Turbo run up to The Void and punch her at speed, ending the "game". Exasperated that she never thought of that strategy, Lumina sends Sonic and Turbo home.


  • This story is an adaptation of the videogame, Sonic Shuffle. However, writer Shaz revealed he had never played the game.
  • In that game, "Void" was male, but is female in this strip.
  • At the start of the issue, Lumina mentions that The Void is threatening her "world". In the next panel, she instead says she is troubling her "Zone".
  • Turbo is a popular character among those in the Message Zone, prompting his return.


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was The Battle For Mobius. The next was Ebony & Ivory.

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