The Zed Monkeys drop in

The Zed Monkeys were a group of characters featuring in one story of Sonic the Comic. Debuting in Sonic the Hedgehog story Hero Hour, the team kept with the theme of New Tek City by being a parody of superheroes, the X-Men being the targets this time.


Little is known about the Zed Monkeys before Sonic's arrival in the Special Zone. They were recognised as the leading guardians of peace in the area and were known to be efficient in their tackling of crime. At some point, their mentor became Professor Zed, who was later revealed to be their arch-enemy, Madmeano. At 10am every day, the team stopped for "Hero Hour", a chance to flex, pose and generally look cool. Unfortunately, this was the time most criminals chose to pounce, since the heroes had to stick vehemently to their schedule, allowing the crooks to escape. After Sonic rumbled their mentor's plans, the Monkeys decided to adopt an Agony Hour, feeling sorry for themselves their mentor was a baddie. It is unknown whether they kept the name of "Zed" Monkeys once they realised Zed was nothing but a mole in a giant rubber monkey suit.


The monkeys were direct parodies of known X-Men members, but their abilities were largely altered:

Members are listed next to their (X-Men counterparts).

  • Cycleclips - (Cyclops) - Team leader. Attacks foes by throwing bicycle clips at them.
  • Chimpoline - (Wolverine) - Possesses claws on his knuckles... but they've had corks put on them.
  • Armpit - (Gambit) - Can blast enemies with lightning bolts from his armpits.
  • Greyjeans - (Jean Grey) - Wears grey jeans. No one knows what her powers are, not even her.
  • Snow Monkey - (Iceman) - Is literally a snowman. Has the power to melt in above freezing temperatures.
  • Professor Zed, later revealed to be Madmeano - (Professor X, Magneto) - Arch-enemy of the Zed Monkeys posing as their mentor. Whether or not a real Professor Zed ever existed is unknown. Has no powers. Might be a master of disguise if he remembered to take the tag off of his costume.

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