Art by Stephen Davis.

Theodore Abram Spartacus (or Theo for short) is a turtle and one of the members of The Ultimax. His role in the trio is as the muscle, introducing himself as the one who is there to "smash stuff". Theo is usually very well-dressed, wearing a brown suit and scholarly spectacles. When called into combat, however, the turtle only wears shoes and sports a muscly physique. Theo is practically blind when he isn't wearing glasses or contact lenses, making unable to identify a villain directly in front of him. He also seems to have a thing for Amy Rose, as it was Tails' promise of contact with her that convinced him to join forces with the Freedom Fighters.

Spartacus was first seen in action when called to the Emerald Hill Zone by the local police. He flew into the Zone on the Macrosoft Zebra X23 with Dexter Bagstille and Holly Thumpfoot but was soon sent flying when the ship crashed thanks to the Green Gremlin. Theo spent the rest of the adventure searching for his missing contact lenses and punching plants he believed to be the Green Gremlin. After retrieving his visual aids, Theo convinced Dexter to join forces with Tails.

Later, Theo joined the rest of the team in evacuating the Maple Flower Zone, an area under attack from Doctor Robotnik's forces. He was seen assisting a pregnant woman through the tunnel, adopting a background role compared to Dexter and Holly. When Robotnik forced the tunnels to cave in, Theo was requested to smash through the rubble in order to reach Dermot Delirious and his film crew.

One Christmas, Theo was invited to the Freedom Fighters' Christmas party, where he enjoyed an arm wrestle with fellow strongman Mighty the Armadillo.

When Silver the Hedgehog arrived in the present, Theo was on hand to watch as he tore apart a Mega Mack missile and then revealed that he was here to defeat the Iblis. Several months later, Theo volunteered to help subdue Super Sonic himself by combining his strength with Silver's psychokinesis. The aftermath saw Theo look on uneasily as Dexter attempted to prove his innocence.

Theo was present during The Battle of Emerald Hill, initially acting as lookout against the oncoming horde of Badniks, before helping Holly and Tails battle a Crabmeat.