A death ray in pursuit of Sonic.

Time Racer is a Sonic the Hedgehog complete story that appeared in Issue 11 of Sonic the Comic.



With Mobius still in the grip of RBR, Sonic the Hedgehog has received a message that Tails is trapped on the other side of the planet. Being such a good guy, Sonic has rushed to his aid, crashing through the wall of another fortress belonging to Doctor Robotnik. Just as he heard, Tails is chained inside a large goldfish bowl and is just managing to stay afloat. However, it all seems to be an elaborate plot by Robotnik, whose face suddenly appears on a TV screen. The dictator reveals that he has a new Space Satellite, with its death ray pointed at the Emerald Hill Zone. Robotnik shows them a simulation of the destruction and laughs that Sonic has failed unless he can make it home in five seconds flat. Tails notes that they'll never make it in that time, which is why Sonic has already gone! With his feet on fire, Sonic bursts through thunderstorms and spike traps, moving faster than he ever has. With only half a second to go, the hedgehog has made it back to South Island.

As Sonic speeds in to Emerald Hill, the hero manages to push his friends out of the way before the death ray strikes the ground. Cool as ever, Sonic finds his way to the beach and is ecstatic, although everyone else is left wondering quite how he can sunbathe at this time since the ray is destroying all the forests. By running at hyper-speed on the sand in circles, Sonic is able to create a smooth and shiny surface on the beach. He then grabs the newly-made mirror and lays it in the path of the laser, which Sonic realises is the only thing that can repel it. Just as he thought, the ray hits the "glass" and bounces back the way it came, completely destroying the satellite that fired it. Tails finally makes his way back and asks what happeneed. Sonic poses in his mirror and states that he single-handedly saved the day, in his usual cool, brave and handsome way.


  • Sonic runs faster than sound, creating several sonic booms. In Lost in the Labyrinth Zone, Sonic revealed he could not run that fast.
  • It is suggested that Sonic can run over water, as he runs from halfway across the planet back to South Island.
  • Stripes makes an non-speaking role, a recurring character from Hillyer. It would be his last appearance in the comic, although he makes another starring appearance in Doctor Sun, a Sonic the Summer Special story.
  • The Emerald Hill Zone is never shown to have a beach again. This area could be somewhat analogous to the Emerald Coast Zone.


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog is Megatox. The next is Hidden Danger!.

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