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The Time Zone story arc is a series of stories by Lew Stringer that mainly starred Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose.



The "Time Zone" series began with Amy arriving on Shanazar to rescue Sonic. Unfortunately, her teleportation device is smashed by one of The Knight's Baron's men and the two are called to help with a problem of theirs. The mythical Black Knight is causing havoc in the area and the hedgehogs are enlisted to dispose of it. Sonic smashes a Spin Attack straight through the knight's armour, releasing dozens of Kritturs. They tell the true story that they only hid within the Black Knight to fend off the Knightmares. With this in mind, Amy comes up with a plan to trick the horses and leave the Kritturs in peace.

Sonic and Amy continue to search for a way home, their adventures being captured on Micro-Cameras, but are forced to participate in a Space Race by Skorrg. Sonic is pitted against Turbo, a seasoned racer used to the zero-gravity environment, and loses. Amy manages to commandeer Skorrg's ship but is alarmed when they hear the tradition is for the losing team to be destroyed. Sonic stows away on board the enemy vessel and, along with Turbo, forces the two teams to co-operate.

During their travels, Sonic and Amy come face to face with Medusa, a beast who can turn people into stone if they meet her stare. Before long, after several more rescue operations, Sonic remembers how they're meant to get home - the Transportation Belt! Furious that a wizard must have cast a magic spell on him to make him forget, Sonic rushes back to the castle of Princess Kupacious to confront Doctor Robotnik. The doctor has turned the belt into the Dimension Blender, hoping to merge Shanazar with Mobius and emerge as the ultimate ruler. Unfortunately, Kupacious (recently turned into a frog) steals Robotnik's magic gem and causes him to go through the same problems as everyone else. To make matters worse, the world hasn't become chaotic and Robotnik is sent packing once more.


Robotnik's plan sees Shanazar and Mobius become one planet, with portals opening up in Mobius that lead to New Zones. Some of these even lead to past areas of Earth, for some reason. In fact, Sonic and Amy's first point of call is 1860's Earth, helping the tribe of Chief Thundercloud to overcome their enemies. The hedgehogs later visit Superzone, an area populated by superheroes, to save them from the evil Meteor Destruction Man. Their adventures later take them to a mirror Zone where Sonic is actually the evil ruler of that world.

Tekno the Canary later rigs up the Eternity Ring to view and access new worlds. Sonic and Amy head to Ancient Egypt to stop slave masters bullying their servants. They inadvertently gained the ire of Set and his alien counterparts, Set wanting to conquer Mobius if he can't have Earth. His reward is to be pushed into a limbo dimension.


  • The entire story arc is often regarded as being quite a poor one by readers, often noting the flimsy plotlines, visits to Earth and only two major characters as being the arc's drawbacks.
  • Although Splitzoid is set in a New Zone, it isn't included in the Time Zone banner. This may be because it includes Doctor Robotnik, someone who hasn't been since the events on Shanazar.



The previous story arc is the Shanazar story arc, although events and stories blend between that and this one. The next arc is the Game Over story arc.

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