Tom, in his emporium. Art by Bojan Djukac.

Tom's Trading Post and Supply Emporium is a shop located in Ghost World on the outskirts of Dinotown. The owner, Tom, has long since deceased but still runs his shop, hoping to provide travellers with his goods. Since he is dead, the former plumber has no use for his taps and pipes, offering his customers anything they want for free. Shion and Wordsmith take Tom up on this offer and stock up on magic spell boxes and energy potions.


  • Although Tom states that his shop is a "recycled plumbing" speciality, he fails to mention that his shop has the word "plumbing" in it. Since the full name can't be seen, his name for it is given to this article.
  • The shop is stated to be in Dinotown, even though the heroes haven't yet entered Dinotown, which is "around the next bend".


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