Art by Stiv and Mike Corker

Transylvania is an historic region of Romania on Planet Earth and the setting for the Decap Attack series. The region is most well-known as the "home" of famed vampire Dracula. In Sonic the Comic, the area is rather different, with people talking in various accents from the United Kingdom, not ones of Eastern Europe.

Not much is known about Transylvania in Decap Attack, only that it contains at least three castles (Castle Frank N. Stein, Lord Wobblebury's and the underground lair of Max D. Cap) and several other locations like libraries and the Castle View Tea Shop. Transylvania United and Black Forest Gateaux are two rival football teams that often compete for the Slurp-A-Cheese (a local delicacy) Cup.

Many professions are taken up in Transylvania. Although these consist of respectable duties like that of the police and dentists, they also range up to the absurd Doctor X, creator of shrinking men. Tall Tim is a hypnotist capable of planting visions in people's heads, Mr Cuddle Bunny is a rabbit capable of writing huge numbers of children's books and there exist a species called the Slurp-A-Kins who rebel against runny cheese. In the wacky world of Decap Attack, anything is possible in Transylvania.

Sonic the Comic Online

More of the village that the main cast live in appeared in Sonic the Comic Online. After cultivating a crop of four-leaf clovers, Professor Frank N. Stein decided to hope up "Wishy Washy", a shop selling lucky charms (and a laundry service). One day of trading saw the entire village buy Frank's goods and made him rich. Unfortunately, several government agencies conspired to ruin the experience and the whole local population succumbed to bad luck.



Your typical Transylvanian. Art by Nigel Kitching.

Although almost all stories take place in Castle Frank N. Stein, there are a few that focus on the local geography and culture of the region:

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