The Garlics with Chuck and company

Transylvania United (known to their fans as The Garlics) are a football team based in Transylvania. Although a decent team of players, they are usually pitted against Black Forest Gateaux in the Slurp-a-Cheese Cup Final, a competition officiated by the "boss" of the novelty food company.

Despite losing several years in a row, United's luck improves in the 1997 final. With the score at 2-2 and Gateaux awarded an unfair penalty, Head intervened by replacing himself with the match ball and clamping onto the opposition's foot when going for a kick. Head then threatened the player, vowing to bite his foot off if he didn't do what he said. Consequently, the striker hopped to the other end of the pitch and blasted Head into the goal, winning the cup final for Transylvania United.


  • United's only fans seem to be the inhabitants of Castle Frank N. Stein. Igor evens owns a replica shirt, but is pessimistic about their chances.
  • With the score tied at 2-2, Frank states that the match will probably be a "draw". In most real cup finals, a draw usually goes onto mean extra time and a penalty shootout.
  • The United player accused of "pulling a rude face inside the area" seems to have no hair, rather a skin-coloured protusion from his head.


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