The Triple-S (or Synthetic Sonic Simulation) is little more than a balloon owned by B.A.R.F.. The balloon was adorned with the face of Sonic the Hedgehog and was designed to weed out the Niceniks from the rest of the Moto Bug crowd. Bert was tasked with blowing up the Triple-S "over two hundred" times and was severely disgruntled about Cam not doing her share. The pair eventually found the two culprits, with the Niceniks believing the Triple-S actually was Sonic. Disgusted that they could do something so nasty to the nice hedgehog, the Niceniks attacled B.A.R.F..


  • The Triple-S changed appearance from time to time, with Sonic changing his expression depending on the occasion. Sonic went from being mildly concerned when being blown up, to despair when the Moto Bugs destroyed him. This was just artistic license on behalf of artist Mike Hadley.


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