Art by Mike White from Issue 4

Tyris-Flare is an Amazon from The Legend of the Golden Axe who, along with Ax-Battler and Gilius-Thunderhead, helped the Kingdom of Yuria retrieve the Golden Axe.


According to the manual of the Golden Axe video game, Tyris travelled to Yuria to fight Death Adder, hoping to get revenge for the deaths of both of her parents. Proving successful in this, she remained with her fellow two warriors and fought off new enemy Dark Guld, reclaiming the stolen Golden Axe. After this, Tyris returned the artifact to Yuria.

Some time later, Tyris and company spent some downtime in a small market town but were accosted by Rigia Mortius and Ul-Tima. The trio fought off the weak lizard guards but struggled against stronger minotaurs. When Ul-Tima conjured ropes to bind her and Gilius, Tyris was taken to Auropolis, leaving Ax behind. In the city's dungeons, Tyris was locked up next to Gilius, but was soon moved again when Sorcerer Blackspell used magic to bring the prison walls to life. The stone golem carried Tyris to the Corpselands, site of the proposed resurrection of Dark Guld. Blackspell's plan was to sacrifice Tyris, giving Dark Guld the means of coming back to life. Unfortunately for him, Tyris used the last of her magic to break free from her ropes and dodged the falling Golden Axe. Dark Guld revived nonetheless and, incomplete, merged with Blackspell to share the same body. Tyris was soon faced with the task of fighting off cavemen so that the sacrifice was not finished.

Ax and Gilius eventually caught up with their friend and joined in the fight, only for Ax to be carried to Firedrake Fell. Tyris and Gilius sped directly there, stopping only to replenish their magic powers thanks to passive elves. The heroes leapt into action, combined their powers and caused the volcano to erupt, engulfing the conjoined villains. With the Golden Axe safe, Tyris and the others began to take the Golden Axe back to Yuria.

The trio visited Rockguard, home of the dwarf people, which was being attacked by Cobraxis and his wizard priests. The enemies had hypnotic snakes on their side, ones which had the power to convince people that friend was foe. After joining in the fight, Tyris almost fell foul to one's powers, but managed to avert her eye and killed snake and priest with one swoop of the Golden Axe. The battle got hectic, with many possessed dwarves starting to attack her. Tyris made an effort not to kill the victims, since they didn't know what they were doing, but when she was badly wounded, she had no choice and slashed into her attackers. After finishing off the last of her persuers, Tyris and Gilius heard about the situation from Growlus. Being too injured to battle, Tyris allowed Gilius the Golden Axe (as long as he didn't lose it). A brief scuffle broke out between Tyris and Yuki, until Gilius revealed that the dwarf was her sister.


Fighting alongside the stupid Ax-Battler and the food-obsessed, stubborn Gilius, Tyris was the straight hero out of the three. Fiery, but with plenty of common sense, Tyris acted as a leader between the three. Nevertheless, she was not the best warrior, with Ax arguably taking that honour. As an Amazon, Tyris possessed spectacular agility, being able to somersault down a flight of stairs after being pushed down backwards. Tyris' magic ability is 'fire' and she has the strongest iterations of spell of the three of them. Despite this, even her strongest attack proved ineffective against Dark Guld. Even so, when combined with Gilius's Earth magic, Tyris was able to destroy a volcano.

Tyris fights with a long sword, but she proved just as capable with the Golden Axe.


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