UKCAC Zone is an advertisement for the UK Comic Art Convention, a meeting of the great comic artists of the time. Although all pictures were from the previous year's convention, the majority of attendees were to appear again in 1996. Free entry was granted for the Sonic the Comic event which was part of the 2-day UKCAC.

The article was the first time many Boomers had been exposed to the faces of people who made the comic. Along with artists signing drawings and creating their own compositions on the day, the convention was also attended by STC writers, editors and even a designer.

Over the page was the Name the Artist Compo which invited people to guess the artist from a scene in Marble Garden Menace. The correct answer was Mike Hadley, who would also be attending the convention.


People who attended either conventions are listed, with the number of times presented in (parantheses):

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