A Caterkiller model. of Ubernik.

An Ubernik is a new model of Badnik, which comes in several varieties, each resembling gargantuan variations of original Badniks. It is still unknown if the Uberniks have been designed by Doctor Robotnik, the Drakons, or are rejected Grimer designs. So far, only two designs have been seen, but it can be assumed there are several more, given the amount of standard Badnik models. Like their counterparts, Uberniks are capable of speech, and somewhat sadistic.
Uberniks first appeared in The Battle For Mobius, which showcased a Caterkiller model. This particular model was destroyed by Amy Rose from the inside. The Uberniks in general were also deemed by Norris Wimple, who'd restarted his Badnik spotting hobby, as being a 'bit rubbish', having been defeated by one girl alone.
An Orbinaut model of Ubernik appeared in Visa Vixen, and was downed by several Mobians with ropes and grappling hooks, while Tails and Morain were preoccupied with a couple of Troopers.
It can be assumed that Robotnik and the Drakons are continuing to use Uberniks in their offensive upon Mobius.

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