Smythe's current look, designed by Andy Pritchett.

Velvet Smythe is a lion and fashion designer. One of his popular ideas was "Badnik-Chic", a range of clothes designed from the remains of old Badniks. Tails isn't a particular fan of his and revealed to him that he hasn't had many Badniks to smash lately. Smythe's response was to reveal Tails' location on live television, leading Doctor Robotnik to send Badniks to attack the Eldorado Zone. Smythe warned Tails not to damage the "merchandise" too much, but was captured himself by a Badnik. Tails rescueed him, but Smythe fell into a hedge. Looking like he'd been dragged through a hedge backwards (because he had), his fans followed his "retro-scruffy" style - ripping their clothes and messing up their hair.


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