Stars don't twinkle, the moon doesn't shine...

Vendettas is a complete Sonic the Hedgehog story which appeared in Issue 237 of Sonic the Comic Online.



The Freedom Fighters and Chaotix's operation against The Syndicate is in full swing, albeit somewhat disorganised: Tails is approaching the Death Carrier in the Bi-plane, and Knuckles is hooking his hand-held into the control room, enabling Kintobor to take control of the ship. Retrieving the Chaos Emeralds looks set to become an easier task, with Shadow patrolling the hull and Rouge having left. However, the Chaos Siphon is backfiring and ripping the ship apart. Since Doctor Zachary's plan has ended, albeit failed, Vichama considers the two even, and proceeds to knock Zachary out with a mysterious energy. Proclaiming himself the God of Death, Vichama harnesses the Emeralds' power for a moment, and a cackling spectral entity flows from the Echidna and retreats into the heart of the ship, leaving a dried out husk, just as Knuckles bursts in. Meanwhile, Shadow has decided that the ship's engines are beyond repair, and makes plans to retrieve Dr Robotnik and flee. Suddenly, Sonic arrives via Mobius Ring, and the hedgehogs begin to fight again. However, Shadow needs a recharge, and starts heading for the Emeralds again, Sonic following. After a brief chase, Shadow flies across a damaged gantry with his Chaos Control, leaving Sonic to fall to his death, unable to stop. However, just as Shadow prepares to leave, he is interrupted by a bright flash below the clouds: Super Sonic has arrived....


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was The Betrayal Of Mobius. The next story was The Sky Is Falling.

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