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This article or section contains information about a character, place or storyline appearing in Sonic The Comic Online! exclusivley.

Villin Othawick is a recurring enemy of Tails. A fan of super villains, Othawick hides behind a new villain persona every week, the masks bolstering his confidence in battle. However, when he is unmasked, he is shown to be rather cowardly, prone to stuttering and panicking. He seems to be rather persistent, and is clearly technically inclined to a degree. The amount of times Tails has fought Othawick is unclear, but he seems to be used to it.

Othawick first appeared in Sonic the Comic Online in the guise of the Green Gremlin, and easily dealt with the inexperienced Ultimax. Watching from the sidelines however, Tails and Kintobor worked out who the Gremlin was, and the fox swiftly unmasked Othawick and brought him down with one blow. He was last seen being taken into police custody, swearing to be back the next week.


  • Othawick's name is a play on the term 'villain of the week'.
  • In Tails & The Ultimax, Tails talks of fighting Othawick before, but this story was chronologically his first appearance. This created some confusion among some readers, who were unsure if they were supposed to recognise him or not.

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