Art by Mike White

Viprax was a wizard priest under the employ of Cobraxis. The evil servant was obsessively loyal to his master, rushing off to do Cobraxis' bidding as soon as was requested. The feeling is not always mutual, as Cobraxis first identifies Viprax as "Wizard-Priest", not by his name. Being a priest, Viprax can summon "rainbow snakes" to fight enemies and can make snake heads filled with poison appear on the ends of his arms.


Viprax was first called to deal with the oncoming threat of Gilius-Thunderhead and Yuki-Plantcharmer. Although his Rainbow Snake dust is initially ineffective, Viprax turns his hands into snake heads and lunges forward, poisoning the two heroes. With a collection of dwarves under his control, Viprax oversees the carriage of Gilius and Yuki to Cobraxis but can do little to stop Gilius tumbling over the edge. When Yuki angrily vows revenge against Viprax for killing her brother, Viprax punches her in the face.

During the battle between Cobraxis' forces and the Dwarf/Dragon coalition, Viprax stands by his master's side but does relatively little in the way of fighting. Viprax marches towards Queen Silpantia-Dragontamer now armed with a spear but is pushed aside by Cobraxis, who has been sent reeling by Gilius' attack. The addition of dragons sees Viprax respond by summoning a snake ball that unravels and latches on to its enemies. His last act occurs long after the battle; Yuki is burning the remains of the snakes when Viprax sneaks up from behind with another weapon. Yuki would have died if it wasn't for the quick thinking of Gilius, throwing the Golden Axe at his head. Although the axe didn't hit Viprax with the obvious bit, a spiky protusion from the axe almost certainly killed him.


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