Visa Vixen
is a 2-part Tails story, starting in Issue 251 of Sonic the Comic Online. It follows Tails' second journey to the Nameless Zone since the move online.



Tails has been summoned to the Nameless Zone once again. After a confused interruption by the Kintobor Computer, Tails gets on with finding out the problem so he can get back to the war on Mobius. He soon finds out with a huge explosion. Morain, Trent and Pippa come crawling out and Morain is less than happy to see Tails. Pippa explains that she summoned Tails, whilst Trent reveals that they are losing patience with Morain and her reckless acts of violence. Tails tries pleading with Morain, whilst the others explain what happened. Another castle is being built in the Zone, so the resistance decided to take a Goblin bulldozer and crash into the construction site. When the rubble fell on them and trapped them, Pippa decided to summon Tails as Morain refused to call Errol Blackthorn for help. Morain spits that Tails knows nothing about war and their daily suffering. Then, Errol and the police arrive to arrest them for damaging government property, so Tails orders Pippa to open up a portal to Mobius in order to show them what a "real war" is like.

Upon their arrival on the outskirts of Metropolis Zone, the foxes are understandably impressed by both the sheer scale of Mobius and the strange sadness of the scene. Tails leads them into the city, telling them he's brought them there to give them some much-needed perspective. On their second day, Pippa is enthusiastically shopping with help from Chrysalis and Trent is taking an interest in the war effort and Mobius' technology, while Tails talks him through some of the Zonerunners' hideouts. Morain, however, keeps to herself, and at one point catches a glimpse at Hobson and Choy's new show, the Miles Prauer Power Hour, alongside an enthusiatic Norris Wimple. On the fifth day, Morain and Tails take on a couple of Troopers, and they later watch as a few rebels celebrate upon downing an Ubernik. On the ninth day, Morain and Trent visit a firing range with Amy, who believes the story that they're Tails' cousins, and goes somewhat ballistic upon the mention of Sonic (Morain fortunately still believes that Knuckles is Sonic). By the twelfth day, Morain and co. are all set to return home. Morain acknowledges that Errol's efforts ultimately have made a difference to the foxes' lives in the Nameless Zone, and she is willing to give his way a try. However, she promises that when the lingering issues with the Goblins are resolved, she and the resistance will return to Mobius to help out again.


  • There already is a castle on the outskirts of the village, unless the "Enchanted Province" is supposed to relate to another village to the one we usually see.
  • The Miles Prauer Power Hour is an obvious reference to 24.
  • Morain's remark about 'Sonic' having huge hands is a reference to the popular Sonic the Comic Online Forum activity of 'Butchery'.
  • The Kintobor Computer is being remotely operated from a Nintendo DS-like console, much like in Two Roads Diverged.


The previous Tails story was Brotherhood. The previous Nameless Zone story was Journey to the Crossroads. The next Tails story is Tails & The Ultimax.

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