Walls is a Decap Attack complete story, featuring in Issue 101.



Igor and Chuck D. Head are in Castle Frank N. Stein, wondering what to do about Professor Frank N. Stein being stuck in Hell. Chuck and Head don't seem to be more bothered about the television, until Frank bursts in to the castle with his new bride-to-be, the Thin Controller. The others are totally confused; they left the Prof when he was utterly terrified of this demon from Hell and now they are to be married. The Thin Controller has brought some other demons along to make the castle more fit for monsters like herself. The interior designer, Ricardo, rips out the stone curtains and orders his worker to start demolishing the walls, some of them supporting walls. The Thin Controller comes across a picture of an innocent, Welsh, blonde choir singer and Igor reveals it to be Frank, before he dyed his hair green and put on a phoney German accent. Furious, she punches Frank for "betraying" her and retreats with her servants, leaving half of the castle missing. Chuck is relieved they're gone and leans on the only remaining wall of the bottom of the castle. One of the stones dislodges and the entire castle comes crashing down on their heads, leaving them homeless...


  • This is the only Decap story that directly links to the previous story and the next one. However, there's no smooth transition between them.


The previous Decap Attack story was Dead!. The next is Life With the Snagsbys.

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