War of the Rose i

Amy goes 'hog wild. Art by Marcus Stockley.

s a complete story that featured in Issue 254 of Sonic the Comic Online. The title is a play on famed English conflict The War of the Roses.



In the Metropolis Zone, the resistance is continuing to hold the streets from Doctor Robotnik. One such member is Amy Rose, but her attention turns when a familiar voice calls out to her. Amy quickly pulls out a gun and turns to face Sonic the Hedgehog, who she believes to be a villain. Sonic immediately denies his involvement and states that he was set up by Grimer. Amy says that she'll only believe him if he provides a DNA test, but Sonic says it won't work - there's no evidence to say he's innocent. Upset that Amy won't believe him, he turns to leave but Amy takes the moment to shoot Sonic with an electric dart. Sonic is furious about one of his "pet peeves" being exploited, but won't be goaded into a fight, instead using his forcefield to deflect another shot. Unfortunately, Amy hits his berserk button, wondering if he's afraid to hit a "little girl".

Coaxed into battle, Sonic launches a volley of speedy punches at Amy, the two sharing witty retorts in the heart of the fight. As Amy attempts to get Sonic to show his "true colours" and be villainous once more, she manages to get a lucky shot through Sonic's barrier. Sonic resists and counters with a spin attack. Amy's next plan involves firing a smoke dart which covers the area in a smokescreen. Once the dust settles, Sonic discovers that he has been caught in a portable net and Amy rejoices that she has finally won in a fight between the two. The smile is wiped off her face when Sonic simply spins through his cage. Amy still won't accept Sonic's word, disappointed that he left just as Robotnik returned. Sonic confesses that he has plenty of friends who know his trademarks and fears, but it was Amy who knew him more than anyone. Determined to find Amy some proof, Sonic speeds off to find the true villains and clear his name.

That night, Sonic meets Tails, where Sonic reveals he thinks Amy was just testing him. The two race off the top of a building and inspect the reconstructed statue of Johnny Lightfoot, where Sonic wonders if they've all grown up a little lately.



The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was Ebony & Ivory. The next one is Many Happy Returns.

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