Art by Jon Haward

Water is one of the Four Elements, a group of legendary ninja who, at some point, have worked for Neo Zeed.


Water's first appearance was on her own, dressed as Naoko, the love of Joe Musashi's life. Using her immense ninja skills, she had managed to make herself look like the only woman Musashi had ever loved, fooling his haragei. Water came out on top during their battle, Joe escaping when he realised he had been sent on a wild goose chase.

She then returned with the rest of the Elements, as Musashi arrived on Neo Zeed territory to rescue Naoko. He succeeded in doing so and escaped from the top of the skyscraper. Her final appearance was under the employ of the Yakuza, where the Elements did battle with the Roofworlders. She mostly fought Bunzo, close by to Fire, but the proximity proved to be her undoing. The combination of Fire and Water destroyed them both.


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