Way Of The Warrior is a Shinobi complete story published in Sonic the Poster Mag 4. It was the first non-Sonic strip to appear in a Poster Mag.



Joe Musashi is Shinobi, making it easy for him to evade the gaze of normal men. Yet, here in Tokyo, Japan, he is having to fight off the cannon fodder thrown at him by the Neo Zeed. They are strong but Musashi is stronger and he soon defeats them. Something is wrong, however, when Joe realises his haragei is revealing nothing, not even the background noise present if there was nothing to detect. The thought that something may have put a blanket on his senses comes too late when a flurry of attacks rain on him from all angles. As Musashi gets a chance to realise what is happening, he finds himself face to face with The Void, warrior of the Neo Zeed. Keen to dispose this "thorn in the side" of his organisation, he continues to bombard Musashi with attacks, including the Iron Hand technique. Injured but not wounded, Joe puts his faith in his Musashi blade, one known to penetrate stone. Indeed, the sword plunges into the wall behind The Void, giving the foe the chance to snap his weapon. Musashi is then subjected to more brutality.

Realising he cannot win the fight with brute force, he plans to use his enemy's power against him. Going into deep prana, Musashi summons his own special powers. The two clash magical hands, causing The Void to come out worse. The crime leader's hand becomes severely withered, ending the fight. Musashi orders him to relay a message to Neo Zeed that he wishes to be left alone. As he jumps through the rooftops, however, he knows he will never be truly left alone.



The previous Shinobi story was The Art of War. The next is Power of the Elements.

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