Weather Beaten is

Windy's gone off the deep end this time. Art by Carl Flint and John M Burns.

a complete story starring Tails which appeared in Issue 115.



Tails has been given some bad news - he's sprained his tails and can no longer fly for a while! Even the weather seems to turn against him, but a young couple reveals it's the work of mad weather-gerbil, Windy Wallis. Sure enough, Wallis is in her airship, flying above Mobius, currently creating a thunderstorm. As revenge for her last defeat, she plans to subject the world to extreme temperature changes until it cracks. She follows her storm with a sudden heatwave and Tails realises he needs to work fast. Somehow he realises that Wallis is in the air, so he reaches for his bi-plane. but it's been clamped. Since he can't fly himself up there, he's grounded - until inventor Roger Bodge comes along with his new invention. Tails is dubious about this helicopter that doubles up as a toilet, but he has no other choice. He flies up to the ship, but Wallis fires a snow flurry at him, completely destroying the copter. Fortunately, the toilet part flies straight into the airship and destroys it, sending Wallis plummeting. Tails catches her, but the helicopter blades start to splinter. The pair are saved with a soft landing in one of Wallis' snow flurries. Tails' doctor turns up to congratulate the fox on saving the day without his tails.


  • The doctor diagnoses Tails' problem just by using a stethoscope, despite a sprain being the ailment.
  • Much is left unanswered in this story; why was the plane clamped? How did Tails know Wallis was in an airship, and where? How did the young couple know for sure it was Wallis who was to blame. What was Roger Bodge doing there? Creative license...


This story was reprinted in Issue 194.


The previous Tails story was Fall of the Leaf. The next is Going Crackers.

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