Cover of Hallowe'en Special, drawn by Mike Corker

Werehog is an alter-ego of Sonic the Hedgehog, a side-effect of the Chaos Emeralds being forcibly removed from Sonic and used to summon monster Dark Gaia. Sonic transforms into Werehog every night for a few weeks; this new form gives Sonic much more strength and enables him to stretch his arms to ludicrous lengths (much like Ristar). Sonic managed to dispose of this annoying side of him by helping Light Gaia to defeat his nemesis and save the world.

Werehog has never appeared in a story of Sonic the Comic but featured on the front cover of the Hallowe'en Special alongside Caliburn of Sonic and the Black Knight. Werehog's most prominent appearance was in Sonic Unleashed, a game that received 40% in one Review Zone. Pictures of Werehog accompany the article by Iain Stewart.

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