Art by Adamis and Fast Ashadonic

Whales have appeared within the pages of Sonic the Comic on several occasions. One is first seen in the first Ecco the Dolphin story, assisting Ecco the Dolphin when he is attacked by a large group of 'Ripteeth'. The whale appears to be based on the whale met in the second training level of the original Ecco game. The whale goes on to lead Ecco to a glyph which sends Ecco the prehistoric times.

The next whale to feature comes from the underwater world of Trituna. Jimmy Whale is the strongest warrior of all the people sent to fight Sonic the Hedgehog and a champion of underwater boxing. Whale is certainly a match for the hedgehog, using his size to thump Sonic soundly as well as pounding the ground to make him lose balance. Unfortunately, the "bigger they are, the more there is to hit" adage comes true, as Sonic is able to easily launch a Spin Attack into Whale, knocking him back into the ocean. His nickname, as revealed by Stara, is Jimbo.

Other notable whales are the flying ones that appeared in Sonic the Comic Online story Out of Psyche, Out of Mind. The mammals were actually just figments of Sonic's imagination, planted there by Oscura, although this was not revealed until the end of the story. In this time, the alien invaders vowed to wipe out all life on Mobius and flood the Metropolis Zone with water. One even burst out of a skyscraper, mirroring a scene from the Sonic Adventure video game. Oscura revealed he "summoned" them to scare Sonic with his fear of water and large things (akin to the Death Egg). Sonic got rid of them when he revealed he had nothing to fear, also swapping him back into his own body.


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