Sonic accosts Grouchio

Whodunit? is a Sonic the Hedgehog complete story that appeared in Issue 246 of Sonic the Comic Online. The story was another part of Sonic the Hedgehog's fall from grace and marked the point where almost all of Mobius believed him to be a terrorist (bar the Freedom Fighters and Knuckles the Echidna).



Sonic is in a foul mood after being portrayed as a terrorist in the media. The hedgehog has visited the Chemical Plant Zone to interrogate Grouchio Marxio about the Mega Mack being used in various bombs around Mobius. While being dangled above a vat of the chemical, Grouchio reveals that the stuff has being going missing on the black market for years and directs him where to go. Sonic next visits the Casino Night Zone, paying Max Gamble a visit in his Roulette Palace. The hero interrupts Gamble and Don Long-Legs' game of chess, wanting to know who The Family supplied Mega Mack to. Gamble is convinced to reveal all to Sonic, but he mistakes a cryptic clue (the fat-cat with the ultimate tool of power) as Big the Cat. Of course, the real answer is Percival James Kane, currently hovering above the Metropolis Zone in a helicopter.

Inside, Kane informs Stacey that he wants to keep tabs on Sonic's movements, but cancels all his appointments when Sonic runs up the side of the Kane Broadcasting Company building and into the helicopter. Sonic confronts Kane's actions, but the media mogul confesses that he only bought the Mega Mack as investigative journalism to expose The Family's operations. He then scoffs at the idea that he resorted to terrorism to make money, instead suggesting he only profits from the news others make. Kane then sits back, happy in the knowledge that he's right about the calls of trespassing, violence and kidnapping that Sonic has resorted to in the last few hours. Sonic must answer to the people, which means the media, which means Kane. Suddenly, Kane receives word that a missile is heading right for the Green Hill Zone.

Sonic leaps out of the helicopter and speeds to Green Hill, with the Kintobor Computer apologetic about the news coverage over the last few months. It also reveals that the one who attacked Amy Rose, Tails and Porker Lewis looked exactly like Sonic, leading him to wonder if it's down to a shapeshifter, robot or shapeshifter. He then reels off a list of suspects; Kane, The Family, Doctor Robotnik, the Drakon Empire, Nack the Weasel, Grimer, Doctor Zachary, King Sonic, Metamorphia, The League of Super-Evil Villains and even Arnem Abacus aren't safe from accusation. Kintobor begins to explain how to detonate the missile but is suddenly disconnected before he can reveal who attacked him. Sonic, alone in the world, needs to stop the missile before it can cover the Green Hill Zone in toxic sludge. Taking a gamble, Sonic yanks out all the wires but it isn't enough to stop the explosion. Sonic in knocked unconscious, covered in Mega Mack, and is arrested on suspicion of bidding to become the world's next dictator. KBC's Lotte Sinclair continues to provide her avid viewers a blow-by-blow account of the tragic events.


  • Art Hume Calisto was supposed to draw this story but has other commitments.
  • Mega Mack was created by Robotnik as a chemical to kill Sonic. Since it has never been said to serve another purpose, it is unclear why it continues to be manufactured.
  • Sonic meets The Don for the first time, but has other things on his mind than exposing The Family for their criminal acts.
  • Chess is seen played for the first time.
  • Sonic inadvertantly mentions all of the villains behind his fall from grace (Kane, Grimer and Neo Metallix) but he doesn't find out for another three issues. Also, the number of suspects he reeled off made it hard for him to miss them.
  • The Kintobor Computer states that there should be two wires on the control panel, but there are several. This is either an artist error or Kintobor was being interfered with by Grimer.
  • Sonic states that the missile would cover the Zone with toxic sludge, but the missile hits a stone loop before it can make it to the village. It isn't made clear whether or not Sonic diverted the course or if the missile was never meant to hit the Zone.
  • KBC's cameras look like the Egg-Cam models used by Robotnik, although this is never picked up on.


Visitors to the Message Zone largely praised the art of Corker, who had not drawn in some time and appreciated Ed's story to help him dust off the cobwebs. Reactions to the actual script were mixed, but there were plenty of discussions about Sonic's downfall. People weren't too impressed with the list of suspects Sonic mentioned and some didn't like how inconsecquential the action seemed (despite several of the creative team coming up with plenty of examples of stuff happening).


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was Ultimatum. The next is Jail Break.

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