Wildside (spelled Wild Side at first) is a virtual reality game that has gained sentience and is trapping all who attempt to play it within its confines. The game was advertised as an amazing new experience in the arcades and was mentioned everywhere. Brad and new student Suzi were the first to try it, playing for over three hours until the doors opened for new challengers. Casey was next. Out of sight, the world is ruled by The Voice who guides and advises certain people how to play. Casey is presumably Wildside's highest scorer with his chameleon powers and, as of his first play, only he and Suzi had ever escaped. His second run-through saw him released dozens of children from the Islecatraz prison.

As in most games, there are a number of levels, with a telepad at the end of each to gain access to the next Zone. Initial levels were quite similar; Casey began his adventure in a non-descript grassy area before beamed to a swamp/sewer, manned by the evil Fire-Breath. These tunnels were expansive and also housed invisible sewer creatures behind a solid brick wall. Smashing through that and taking the telepad leads to a city with a massive skyscraper. Climbing that leads to the exit. Suzi also mentioned a Plantation Zone, possibly the first level.

The second game began in the London Underground, but soon expanded into the Midnight Graveyard. However, the real focus of the story was on Islecatraz, a prison where all gamers who had failed would be locked away. Main guard of the complex was Brad, the coward who had left Suzi to fend for herself. Not wishing to lose, Brad accepted the position from The Voice but fled when Casey invaded the camp as Cyclone. Once he realised who the hero was, the pair worked together to flee the oceans of Wildside and take the damaged telepad out of the game.

As of the cliffhanger, Casey is still in Wildside, preparing to take on The Voice as the "final boss".


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