Witless Chris is a resident of the Nameless Zone, and is regarded as 'the nastiest fox around'. He is never seen without his gormless sidekick, Scratchy. A bully through and through, long before Miles "Tails" Prower moved to Mobius, Witless gave Tails a hard time about his extra tail, labelling it as useless, and calling the fox a freak, a wimp, and a weirdo. Unfortunately for Witless, he was quite the bragger in those days, considering himself fearless and claiming to battle six bears every morning before breakfast. This claim was overheard by a pair of bats, Sergeant Claw and Captain Tooth, who decided Witless was a perfect candidate to fight in their arena, even though they suspected he was lying. Shortly after, Witless was kidnapped and in his terror admitted he had lied. Fortunately, the bats were brought down by Tails, who had discovered his ability to fly, and Witless recieved his comeuppance, plummeting into a muddy river. As Tails pulled the bully out, he apologised, and it seemed he was unlikely to go telling any more tall tales from there on out.

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