Wonder Boy is a series of stories in Sonic the Comic and Sonic the Comic Online, based on the popular series of Wonder Boy video games. Only three stories were published, Wonder Boy in Demon World and Wonder Boy in Ghost World (in keeping with the naming conventions of the games). The first chapter was the longest single story in STC history, spanning eight parts (although The Return of Chaotix contained more pages) and the third was the shortest, lasting a mere four panels. These adventures starred Shion (the "Wonder Boy") as he battled to save his kind from demon enslavement and from being slaughtered by ghost dinosaurs before preparing to do battle with witches.

Wonder Boy in Demon World

Fresh from his adventures in Wonder Boy in Monster World, Shion is enjoying peace until he encounters a demon who says he is taking humans to Demon World. Defeating him, he realises the local village is under attack. Shion finds Old Kevin, who reveals that demons came and kidnapped all the villagers. The Wonder Boy travels to Fisherton to save them but ends up being hit by a magic spell that begins to turn him into a demon. Local girl Baila provides him with an amulet that allows him to breathe underwater and follow the captured humans. After a scuffle with an octopus, Shion enters a jungle and fights more wildlife before finding the gateway to Demonopolis.

After a disagreement with the border control, Shion makes his way through the city to The Shame Inn and asks loyal Grimomen supporer Drum where the master can be found. He learns that he will be in the Pitcastle but Shion's demon half begins to strangle himself. Shion gains control and commandeers a floating boat to take him down to see Grimomen. On the way, he discovers some of the missing villagers chained on the wall, becoming demons. Shion finds Grimomen and defeats him in battle, freeing his friends. The combined forces of Shion and the released captors make it easy to return home to a Monster World repaired by the Queen of Alsedo. Baila asks Shion to stay with him, but he has matters in the Skyrock Mountains...

Wonder Boy in Ghost World

Shion travels to his next quest and discovers a "jelly" ghost on the mountains. Cosmologist Lukout arrives and tells Shion the situation - ghosts of dinosaurs have been attacking poets and philosphers, leaving cosmologists as the only line of defence. Before Shion can be summoned further, another dinosaur attacks and Shion plummets towards the void between worlds. Lukout saves him with his magic handkerchief but the two fall asleep as they drift into a mysterious cloud formation. The pair wake to find awful poet Wordsmith. His terrible rhymes seem to attract the ire of a ghost mammoth, but he's actually fleeing from a magic ghost who ends up turning Lukout to stone.

After topping up on magic supplies, Shion, Wordsmith and a Lukout statue move towards Dinotown, but Shion is captured by some guards. The hero is taken to the town, where the King reveals he plans to rule the overworld thanks to the help of the Wailing Sisters of Witchery World and the Power Jar. However, at night, Wordsmith sneaks in and rescues Shion and revives Lukout. The trio use their magic goods to trick the King into taking them back to the gateway to Monster World, but the spells wear off too soon. Wordsmith uses Bottled Hurricane to clear the sleep clouds and Shion breaks the Power Jar, destroying the stairs to the ghost world.

Wonder Boy in Witchery World

Shion's final quest brings him to Witchery World where he has his shortest adventure to date before retiring once the threat is dealt with.


Shion, the Wonder Boy

Shion is a travelling youngster who, armed with his sword and shield, fights off evil wherever he finds it. He is a skilled warrior and has saved the day a number of times. As well as melee combat, Shion can use magical powers to get rid of enemies, although they sometimes backfire on him. Shion himself is quite a flawed hero, and would rather kill everything in his path if they do anything like annoy him. He also resents being called "Wonder Boy" (much like Tails doesn't like to be called "Zonerunner"). Shion can be prone to insulting people, calling Lukout an "old woman" and outwardly tells Wordsmith that his poems are bad.


Grimomen was once the leader of Demon World before Shion punched him through the floor. The evil demon put a plan into motion that would see many humans get abducted from Monster World so that they could be slaves in his own world. The strong among them would be turned into demons. The gluttonous, sometimes slothful leader had no remorse, threatening to attack a little girl in Fisherton and wished to kill Shion once he had burned his wings off.


A cosmologist on Skyrock Mountains, Lukout is an old woman with a big attitude. Like the rest of her people, she is brave and will pick a fight with anyone, particularly if they call her old. She has a magic handkerchief that can be folded out to become a flying carpet.


Wordsmith is the Fabian Vane of poetry, writing awful ditties that make little sense and are horrible to hear. He was captured by a "Quetzacotalus" and taken to its nest, only for him to barely escape. He later joined up with Shion and Lukout and rescued them both from Dinotown (wearing the abandoned armour of a dino guard). Wordsmith had the wit to grab a Bottled Hurricane to clear the sleeping clouds around the staircase and proved he could be a brave poet, despite the oxymoron.


A mystical girl from Fisherton, Baila fell in love with Shion as soon as she saw him. Baila rescued Shion from Grimomen and showed him to the Smuggler's Tunnel, a secret way to get to the shore. After this, she gave Shion a magic amulet to breathe underwater and said she would wait for him to come back. After Shion's adventure, Baila asked Shion to come and live with her in Fisherton, but the traveller refused.

Old Kevin

Old Kevin is a very old man living in Monster World. He hid in a well when Grimomen's forces burned down his village. Shion ordered him to go to the Queen of Alsedo and fetch help, which he did. Kevin was also the first person to call Shion "Wonder Boy" in the strips.


The monsters of Demon World believe humans to be second-class citizens and, as such, plan to use them as slaves. Grimomen is the worst of them all. Drum is his biggest supporter and will tell anyone in The Shame Inn who will listen about how much he loves him. Schwartz and Egger are the border officers for the world, asking for the paperworl of anybody who wishes to visit.


Monster World contains many critters that wish to kill Shion, so the Wonder Boy happily kills them first (even if they posed no danger). These include well-dressed monkeys, an octopus, crabs and toadstools.


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