Tails patrols the Woodzone, art by Mick McMahon.

Woodzone is a small Zone on Mobius, surrounded by trees on all sides. It is one of many villages that has been regularly patrolled by Tails. The Zone was once ruled by a villainous Zone Leader who secretly turned his citizens into Badniks with his hidden Badnik Processing Plant. During this time, all heroes were banned from the area and residents would be arrested if they took the law into their own lands. An undercover Tails exposed the Zone Leader, but never found out that he was working for Grimer.

Woodzone is known for having a particularly inept police force, with officers prioritising baked goods over the law and arriving too late to stop crimes.

It may have been a figure of speech, but Woodzone has had the reputation for the "safest Zone on Mobius". This may also have been because all of the crimes were being covered up (and committed by) the Zone Leader and his Badniks.


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