Art by Mike White

Yuki-Plantcharmer is a dwarf from the stronghold of Rockguard and is the younger sister of Gilius-Thunderhead. Like her brother, Yuki has the ability to store and harness magic powers, the magic of flora and all things to do with plants in her case. Yuki's relationship with Gilius is tempestuous the vast majority of the time, but she loves and respects her brother and is keen to accompany him on a mission to the Hammerynth dungeons.

Her first appearance is met with some surprise by Tyris-Flare when the young girl attacks Gilius with her axe and wraps him in a bundle of grape vines. Yuki is bundled over by Tyris but all is sorted when Gilius reveals who she is. Yuki then joins Gilius on the mission to stop Cobraxis and rescue Queen Silpantia-Dragontamer. She later is hurt by Gilius' wishes that Ax-Battler was him rather than his sister. She still proves herself to be a strong fighter when fending off the rainbow snakes of Viprax but soon succumbs to a poisonous snakebite.

While being carted to meet Cobraxis, Yuki believes that her brother is killed when he falls off a bridge. Yuki swears revenge but receives a punch to the face for her protests. At the Cage of Snakes holding the Queen captive, Cobraxis vows to kill Yuki unless the Queen reveals the location of her store of enchanted metal. She is soon freed by Gilius and uses her magic to impale a large number of snakes. Yuki is then the voice of reason, telling Gilius to fight Cobraxis once they've got the Queen to safety. When the dragon army arrives, Yuki finishes more priests off with a "killer cactus".

Towards the end of the adventure, Yuki burns the remains of the snakes in a fire, unaware that she is about to be killed by Viprax. Gilius rescues her with the Golden Axe and the siblings head to the funeral of their father, who died during the battle.


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