Art by Peter Richardson

Ziggy is the leader of a minor gang in the Streets of Rage. Under his orders, a horde of gang members destroyed Ken's Korner Shop since its owner, Ken, hadn't paid his "protection money" for the last six months. Ziggy taunted Ken, resting his foot on the old man's trembling back with his gun in his hand. However, his plans were interrupted by the appearance of a Battle Wagon housing Max Hatchet and Blaze Fielding. Ziggy ordered subordinate Bananas to use his bazooka to destroy the wagon, but was shot dead upon firing and ended up destroying part of a skyscraper. When Max and Blaze appeared in person to take out some of the criminals, a nervous Ziggy attempted to intimidate his attackers with his semi-automatic, but was inevitably punched unconscious by Max.


  • An error results in Ziggy telling the gang member in pink-rimmed shades "Ziggy! Look out!", unless he is called Ziggy as well.


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