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This article or section contains information about a character, place or storyline appearing in Sonic The Comic Online! exclusivley.

A close-up of Zip (top) with Tails. Art by Mike Corker.

Zip is a flea who works for The Family. By far the smallest member of the criminal organisation, Zip more closely resembles the insects native to Mobius. In his first appearance, Zip was used, quite literally, as a bug by Harvestman, implanting himself in the fur of Tails. Later, thanks to Oscura, Zip was able to switch bodies with Tails and controlled him during the story's events. His mission was stated to be to keep Tails out of the way while psychologist Oscura attempted to break Sonic the Hedgehog's resolve. The plan failed when Harvestman failed to get to the action in time thanks to over-zealous policeman Officer Bodger. He also correctly predicted that the assassin had been caught speeding once again.

Zip talks in a very stereotypical Italian way, similar to Chicio Marxio. Even as Tails, he refuses to hide his accent with words like "kapish" and showing an obvious dislike for fur.


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